North Pole

Extreme Skiing (Group 1)

Members of the Extreme group will cross-country ski for seven days over a distance of 111km.

You can expect to be skiing for at least 6 to 8 hours a day pulling a 30- 40kg sled.

Although this is primarily an over-land journey, there will times where routes around areas of Arctic Ocean cannot be found forcing the group to swim in special hydro suits.

At the end of each long and challenging day the polar tents will be erected on the ice and the group will cook a high-energy dinner on a portable stove.

When the Extreme group reaches the Pole they will be met and congratulated by members of the other two groups.


Day 1. Arrival at Longyearbyen, Spits Bergen. Orientation meeting. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 2. Transfer to the airport. Flight Longyearbyen Barneo
- Lunch at the camp mess hall
- Set up the tent camp on Barneo
- Dinner
- Spend the night in the tent camp

Day 3-10.
- Skiing trip to the North Pole (daily skiing of 15-20 km, the distance may vary depending on the weather conditions, speed and direction of ice drift. Camp in tents on drifting ice. Starting point is chosen depending on the ice conditions.

Day 10. Reach the top of the Earth. Spend the night at the Pole

Day 11. Helicopter flight back to Barneo
- Lunch at the camp mess hall
- Celebration and ceremony of handing out certificates stating that you reached the North Pole
- Flight Barneo Longyearbyen. Transfer to the hotel

Day 12. Free day. Transfer to the airport
- Flight home

If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to call +7 (495) 972 9796

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