Bicycle Expedition Across Europe

Travelling across Europe in Spartan but eco-friendly conditions

Green travel is todays European youths travel choice.

The concept of our expedition across Europe was to give up all means of travel using fuel energy in favour of bicycles.

The team of British, Russian and American young men started in London from where they cycled to the south coast of England to catch a ferry which took them across The English Channel. Then they cycled to the quarries of Holland, Europes lowest point at sea level and the starting point of the bicycle race through five countries, to the highest peak not only of the French Alps but also of Europe.

Why Spartan conditions?

The task was to cover 1100 km in ten days. There was no support car, and all en-route breakages had to be managed independently. All the team had were a small backpack with a water bottle, a spare t-shirt and a pair of flip-flops. Every day they had to work out the navigational route, as well as find a place to spend the night. One evening, after a tough days cycling, the boys ended up in one of the Tour de France towns. It was getting dark and cold but they couldnt find anywhere to sleep as all the beds in town were taken. They eventually slept on local hospital stretchers.

Neither strong wind nor rain nor blasting heat could prevent them from reaching their goal on time. Having overcome both expected and unexpected difficulties, all of the team members came out of this life time experience much stronger, more confident and ready for future challenges. Mutual support and interaction with those they met en route was the major driving force. Seeing Europe up close, visiting historical sights, and getting extensive practice of French were just some of the perks of the trip.

Congratulations to all those who participated on successfully completing the expedition!

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